Versatile Cement

Our owners are involved in the versatile concrete business all the way from ready-mixed concrete to state-of-the-art railway sleepers and pre-stressed precast element solutions. Because of this, we are interested in several cement brands.

A general prerequisite for all the used cement is a CE marking. We comply with the European Norms (EN) as our cements standards.

Portland cement 42,5N is the most commonly used brand. The winter climate in Finland necessitates high-quality Portland cement with a relatively fast strength gain.

Rapid cement 42,5R covers approximately 20-30 % of the used cement. The most essential factor in this cement brand is its considerably faster initial strength compared to that of the standard level.

Super rapid 52,5R covers approximately 10-20 % of the used cement. The cement is utilized in the production of hollow core slabs, beams and railway sleepers. Particularly high initial strength is vital to this cement brand in order to achieve the 8-10-hour cutting times of prestressing strands needed in production.